Seamless, electronic integration with Federal Express, UPS, DHL and US Customs is the cornerstone of our outbound logistics methodology.

Oxygen is fully integrated with the 3 main transportation companies-Fedex, DHL and UPS. This integration allows Oxygen to process the Customs filings simultaneously expediting the shipment.

Oxygen Electronics conducts annual negotiations with UPS, Fed Ex, and DHL to ensure that we are providing the best possible shipping costs to our clients.

Oxygen Electronics has secured third party shipping insurance for all inbound and outbound shipments. You will never see a charge for logistics insurance while your goods will always be fully insured!

More than 12 different sized cardboard boxes are stocked in order to optimize packaging reducing both dimensional cost as well as minimizing the risk of damage during transit.

Information contained on the Electronic Order Acknowledgement created when an Order is entered into our system is automatically imported into the various shipping platforms. This information includes not only address information but also e-mail addresses so advance shipping notification can occur automatically.

During our IQP process, Country of Origin information and product description information is captured, stored electronically and converted into a bar-code which is attached to every product we ship. This bar-coded information is scanned into facilitating self-filing and advance notification of US Shippers Export Declarations.

The result of these tools is a remarkably accurate system which drives efficiency and minimizes costs while keeping our clients and staff informed of logistics at all times.





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