Incoming Quality Plan Process

Remove External Packaging box-single.png In order to ensure the integrity of our ESD protected area, all external packaging is removed and discarded in a segregated area of our shop floor. Only documents and product are moved to the handling area.
Product Identification caution.png

Product is removed from ESD barriers in the ESD protected area of our shop floor.

Oxygen’s ESD Systems are audited to the ANSI/ESD S20.20-2007 standard and are constantly monitored.

The ESD environment is achieved via:

  • Staff: Daily sign-in and monitoring of utilization of wrist/foot straps and overcoats.
  • Infrastructure: Continually monitored work area.
  • Calibration and Monitoring: Monthly analysis and review of ESD environment and systems.

Data Acquisition

Part Number, Piece Count, Date Code, Country of Origin, and Date of Delivery are just some of the pieces of information that are captured electronically during inspection. The results of incoming inspection are communicated to our sales staff electronically so non-conforming material can be immediately rectified.

Based on the information collected, vendor performance is managed in real time enabling our entire staff to make informed decisions.

Documents, such as Certificates of Origin and Certificates of Conformity, are scanned, attached electronically and archived as part of the data collected.

Packaging All products requiring ESD protection are packaged in Mil Spec MIL-P-82646A ESD barrier poly packaging.
Bar Coding Bar Code labels containing information from both the Order Acknowledgement as well as from information collected in the Data Acquisition process are affixed to the packaged material ensuring product integrity.
Holding Area Products are also labeled with internal Job information and placed in an ESD compliant holding area for scheduled deliveries.

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