Oxygen Delivers Competitive Pricing

While many purchasing agents are trained to view the cost of a component as equal to the price paid today, Oxygen Electronics views cost from a much broader point of view. This broader point of view includes various purchasing strategies capitalizing on market trends and includes the multiple additional transactional costs associated with a purchase.

Cost, Price, Time, and The Market:

The graph below illustrates both the market knowledge that can be queried from Oxygen Electronics databases in order to ensure that the best possible price is negotiated, as well as how the “Spot Market” can be leveraged to achieve cost savings.

Analysis of this graph illustrates a specific example of Spot Market Pricing as it relates to both Obsolescence and Market Supply.

Logistics and Transaction Costs:

Over and above using market data to guarantee the best possible price for a component, Oxygen has curtailed all other related transaction costs by negotiating advantageous methods of wire transferring funds and preferred vendors for shipping supplies.

Efficient and accurate processes minimize mistakes and transaction processing time thus reducing overall costs.

Annual negotiations with FedEx, UPS, and DHL ensure that we have the best logistics rates available. Transit insurance is provided by a third party to cover both incoming and outgoing freight so you will never incur additional insurance charges on your invoice.

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