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Oxygen's Growth in Troubled Times
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While the entire distribution channel suffered between 2001 and 2004, Oxygen Electronics, due to a successful account management strategy, witnessed an increase in the number of items supplied to our clients. We view this data set as substantiation of a lucrative strategy and thriving customer relationships.

With more than 2,600 competitors in the spot market for electronics components, opportunism has always run rampant. When you’re selling components the offer price is always too low and when buying components the buy price is always too high. Transactions are looked at as nothing more than a transaction.

Throughout its history, Oxygen Electronics continually made a commitment to an Account Management Strategy eliminating the opportunistic transaction and focusing on a long term business relationship. We recognize that if we deliver a quality product at a competitive price on time this time, we will have earned the opportunity to compete for the business the next time!

Our Account Management Strategy teamed with our internal information systems allow us to seamlessly integrate with our clients. The result of this merger provides for a primary point of contact at Oxygen Electronics but also allows anyone at Oxygen to respond to the specific needs of a specific client. By doing this, we have enabled our OEM client base to:

  • Downsize the number of vendor relationships maintained.
  • Have a partnered Overseas Purchasing presence.
  • Efficiently purchase cost effectively.

Our Account Management Strategy provides our staff with the flexibility to offer product samples, datasheets, valuable product information, and Bill of Material analysis.

Simply put, our Account Management Strategy is our way of saying that we are here for the duration.

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