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Oxygen Electronics Announces Partnership with Serma Technologies
For immediate release - Tuesday, February 03, 2009




Multi-disciplinary capabilities under the same roof ensure the swiftest and smoothest fulfillment for all your procurement needs. Boasting the world's largest database of parts, Oxygen Electronics saves you time by knowing where the parts are - or knowing where to look to find them.

With Serma Technologies offering a 96 hour turnaround for basic testing and days saved by eliminating the need to ship parts to one or more outside testing facilities, the time required for testing is kept to its absolute minimum.
"Time is Money" - Is there any place this is truer then when it comes to your production?

Marry our streamlined multi-disciplinary capabilties to our global reach and presence and you arrive at an unmatched level of market savvy that works to ensure that you are acquiring the parts you need at the absolutely best price the market will bear.
The combination of Oxygen's proprietary Supplier "Risk-Assessment" software and systems and Serma's state-of-the-art testing capabilities (mirroring AS5553 recommendations) ensure the parts reliability you require and let "purchasing and procurement breathe easier"
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