X-Ray as a Tool to Identify Counterfeit Electronics Components

Utilizing X-Ray inspection can be beneficial in detecting counterfeit components during goods inward inspection for plastic components. During X-Ray inspection the Die Size, Wire Bonding, and Die Frame are compared to ensure consistancy of construction. While X-Ray inspection isn't a 100% guarantee that a component is authentic, when combined with other advanced inspection techniques, it provides a much higher level of confidence in the authenticity of a product. This is particularly so for a product for which there is limited or no traceability to the component manufacturer.

Example 1 - HCPL3101

X-ray image of HCPL3101 (click for larger image)

In the following example X-Ray inspection was performed on an Agilet HCPL3101 (Datasheet and Photo of HCPL3101). Evidence of the Die and Wire Bonding is evident in the center of the X-Ray Image. Wire Bonding from the Die to the Pins is also evident and the non-connect pins are consistant with the MFG datasheet.

Example 2 - MC14163BCL

X-ray image of MC14163BCL (click for larger image)
The second example of X-Ray inspection was performed on a MC14163BCL (Datasheet and Photos). As this part is a Ceramic DIL package the beam power required to penetrate the ceramic body causes much of the inside of the component to be "washed out." Very sophisticated and very expensive equiptment is required to be able to identify the Die Frame, Die, and Wire Bonding in the same image during X-Ray inspection. The below images would lead the viewer to think there was no wire bonding between the Die and the Pins. Despite the X-Ray images not showing this evidence, wire bonding and the die was discovered when the component was de-capped.

Example 3 - M5M51008BFP-70LLI

X-ray image of M5M51008BFP-70LLI (click for larger image)
In the next example part number M5M51008BFP-70LLI (Datasheet and Photos) was inspected using an X-Ray. In the below image it is evident that Pin 1 is a non-connect pin which is consistant with the manufacturers datasheet.


Oxygen Electronics LLC uses a Nicolet NXR1525 X-Ray in an ANSI ESD S20.20 environment.
Nicolet NXR1525 X-Ray (click for a larger image)

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