Oxygen Electronics is a high growth company applying leading edge concepts in information management and web-based commerce in a flat team-based global organization. We believe that the only way to serve our mission of making our customers successful is by making our employees successful. To meet our goal of being the leader in our market space, we must attract, cultivate, and retain the very best people in our industry.

We value leadership as a key success factor. We actively encourage, develop, and empower leaders to emerge.

Our team-based organization provides an environment that fosters shared learning, evolution, and mutual accountability for results.

As a high growth company, we view our employees as our partners. We expect them to apply their creativity and energy to improving every aspect of our performance; strategy, operations, and our enabling technology.

We provide careers with extensive international experience in doing business with Fortune 500 companies in Europe, Asia and North America. We actively seek diversity in our employee's cultural background and experiences.

Our management is focused on mentoring and career development. We view the development of our employee's skills and competencies as critical investments in our most important asset. It's our stated policy to look within the firm before we recruit outside.

We believe in balancing work with a personal life. We have developed an informal culture that values winning in our market while having fun.

Our growth goals are constrained only by the number of talented people we can hire and develop into the future leaders of our company. We are building the foundation now.

We seek poised, mature, self starters with the ability to manage in the dynamic exciting environment of a high growth company.

Employment opportunities exist in the U. S. and Europe. Language skills are a plus.

Oxygen Electronics' innovative corporate culture is fueled by creativity and respect for our greatest resource - our employees.

We offer:

  • Attractive compensation plan and benefits package, including medical and dental insurance, 401(K) plan, and flexible spending account.
  • Friendly work environment
  • Casual business attire everyday
  • Easy access to management team

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