ISO Certification


For many companies implementing a certified Quality process proves to be a major organizational hurdle. At Oxygen Electronics, due to our focus on both process and technology, implementing and managing Quality has never been a challenge.

Attaining and continuing Quality compliance is an extension of our standard business process and thus deviations are rare.

In addition to regular compliance audits, we encourage our individual clients to “look under the hood and kick the tires”. We take pride that our systems withstand the scrutiny. A prominent military client who audited our systems proclaimed that “in his years of experience, he has never seen a better system!”

In that Quality is such a paramount element of our business, the ultimate responsibility for quality systems maintenance is an integral part of the managing partners’ daily operations. To augment our in-house staff, we employ RAMP on a consultative basis to keep us apprised of the latest quality innovations and to provide an independent critical eye monitoring our performance.

Our Mission Statement:

Our aim is to become a strategic partner to premier global manufacturing companies, providing procurement and logistics services that enable the customer to meet their needs in a more responsible, efficient, and effective manner. We are committed to providing leading-edge process and technology solutions to our customers, as well as assisting them in accomplishing their respective goals. We will seamlessly integrate with our customers’ operations making our network their network. Oxygen will meet international standards for quality. We will continuously improve our processes to pass on greater efficiency and value added services to our customer base.

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