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Oxygen Electronics LLC divests interest in Brokerlynx LLC and Pricelynx LLC
For immediate release - Monday, September 15, 2008
In 1995, Mark Pasdon and Didier Bachaumard with the help of three other partners formed Oxygen Electronics LLC, an independent distributor of electronic components. As Oxygen Electronics LLC grew and the market forces changed over the past 13 years Mark Pasdon and Didier Bachaumard also created Brokerlynx LLC to respond to the challenges associated with counterfeit and substandard products that exist in the independent distribution channel as well as Pricelynx LLC to help guide buyers in understanding pricing trends for individual components.

Due to continued growth and the inherent conflicts of interest that exist between Oxygen Electronics LLC, a successful distributor, and Brokerlynx LLC, a steward of the industry, it has become necessary for Oxygen to divest from Brokerlynx LLC and Pricelynx LLC. To facilitate this transition, Mark Pasdon has acquired the ownership interest of Didier Bachaumard in Oxygen Electronics and Didier Bachaumard has acquired the ownership interest of Mark Pasdon in Brokerlynx, LLC and Pricelynx, LLC.

As Didier Bachaumard has been the driving force behind Brokerlynx LLC since it’s creation in 2002, he will continue to operate and manage Brokerlynx broadening the focus to include the creation of ORAFEC. ORAFEC will be an amalgamation of the Brokerlynx functionality of reporting business practices of companies, the Pricelynx functionality of historical spot market pricing, and new functionality where photographs of more than 100K known good parts will be published allowing users to upload and document quality concerns and experience by Manufacturer Part Number and adding the capacity for data-warehousing of technical information.

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