Excess Inventory Solutions

In addition to Consignment as a method of disposing of surplus and excess inventories, there are two other viable methods utilized by Oxygen Electronics to support the needs of our clients.

Bulk Purchasing:

While this method of liquidating surplus inventory has the lowest rate of return as compared to Consignment Sales and OEM Excess Sales, it is still a valuable vehicle to liquidate surplus and excess inventories. Oxygen Electronics actively purchases bulk inventories or lot buys of excess components.
Please contact

OEM Excess Sales:

In this arrangement, Oxygen Electronics, based on data provided to us by our OEM client base, acts as an exclusive sales agent negotiating sales of inventory no longer required for OEM production. Currently, Oxygen Electronics has exclusive access to more than 93,000 items that are in stock with our European Client Base which are marketed through not only our own web site, but also through nine subscription based inventory marketing services.

This program has produced amazing returns for our clients who have the ability to manage and who are willing to accept the risk of sales. Please contact

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