E-Commerce and Oxygen's U-Shaped Process

An element of Oxygen Electronics’ initial vision in 1995 was to successfully marry product and market knowledge with software tools to empower both our staff as well as our clients. In 1995, we had no idea what the internet would yield and what the impact would be.

Through successful partnerships with our clients we developed an Access database and user interface to connect our clients with our systems before the era of high speed internet access. As our system continued to develop and expand so did the internet as we launched our first web portal in 1997.

Today, due to the vast improvement and global adoption of the World Wide Web, Oxygen Electronics seamlessly integrates our search engine made available to the public, historical data associated to specific transactions of any client in our customer center area, as well as our entire process, through one comprehensive web site affording multiple views of the same set of data. We refer to this integration as our U shaped process!

Our systems are built and managed with the latest versions of Microsoft's Enterprise Software. This data and software are warehoused in a state of the art data center providing the highest levels of security, environment, and support redundancy. While our software and network are developed and maintained by Oxygen staff, we successfully utilize consulting partners to ensure that our systems are always held to the highest standard of performance, security, and stability.

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