Counterfeit Parts

Oxygen Electronics believes the most pressing issue facing the industry today is the ever increasing plague of counterfeit and substandard devices that are finding their way into the distribution channel. The challenges associated with protecting both Oxygen and our client base, from the associated risks, are unique. They will require client and vendor to work hand in hand. They will require competitors to work together. They will require a global approach!

Oxygen Electronics has participated in a myriad of industry groups to raise awareness of the counterfeit issues. Oxygen Electronics has presented at the two most recent COG Bienial Events and has contributed data to the Anti-Counterfeiting Forum.

The recently published AS5553, Counterfeit Electronic Parts; Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation, and Disposition is evidence that the electronics industry is beginning to work as a collective and address the issues associated with counterfeit product. Many of the policies and procedures utilized by Oxygen Electronics are also contained within this standard. For more information about the incorporation of AS5553 in the Oxygen QMS please contact your local sales person.
Actual Photos taken 4/14/04

The product on the right had identical markings on the top of the part (a little blurry which caused concern), but the physical characteristics were different.

Please note the "Origin Imprint" on the bottom - different sizes and different countries of manufacture. We didn't photograph multiple tops, but the top of the parts had different "Orientation imprints," which are the small circles on the bottom left. Note the original does not have an “Orientation imprint”.

Brokerlynx and Counterfeiting

Oxygen Electronics and Brokerlynx have taken steps to raise awareness and will continue to improve both our internal systems and industry responsiveness. You will find part of the data that Oxygen Electronics collects and shares is information regarding instances of sub-standard product. We have proactively worked with test houses to better understand the issues and promote awareness.

In 2005, Oxygen Electronics and Brokerlynx hosted an Industry meeting in Las Vegas, to raise awareness and sow the seeds of cooperation amongst competitors, as an initial step in tackling this challenge.

In 2008 Oxygen Electronics LLC divested from Brokerlynx LLC due to inherent conflicts of interests. Oxygen is proud to have been a founding member and to have contributed to making the indpendent supply channel a better source for components.

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