Continuous Improvement

Oxygen Electronics strives to perform better every single day. Improvements are constantly made to our process. New technologies and methods of working are deployed. Vendor relationships are cultivated. Smarter work methods are constantly being implemented.

While many results are measured, we would like to share three key indicators which will demonstrate our commitment to continuous improvement and overall customer satisfaction.

Customer Complaints vs. Number of Orders Annually:

Annually, we analyze our ability to deliver product accurately and on-time by looking at both the number of orders processed and the number of Customer Complaint Notices (CCN’s). We study these numbers to see where we are succeeding and where there is room for improvement.

Conversion Ratios

The ability to convert requirements into quotes and orders, and deliver the products you need on time, is the primary mark of effectiveness. Oxygen's conversion ratio for requirements into quotes is above 95%, and our ratio for reqs to orders averages to better than 30%.

Oxygen’s Sales and Purchasing Teams are Effective!


Through smart decision-making and the utilization of the best technology and processes, Oxygen has been able to continuously reduce the number of man hours required in all aspects of order fulfillment. Processing time has fallen more than 75% over the last four years!

Efficiency = Cost Savings!
Efficiency = Effectiveness!
Efficiency Minimizes Errors!

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