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Oxygen Electronics LLC is an Independent distributor of electronic components with headquarters in White Plains, NY. Oxygen currently has more than 90,000 different components in stock and provides superior service and support to military, aerospace, and industrial OEMs and CEMs around the world.

Oxygen has focused on Quality and Service as our most important asset. Our facilities and business processes are certified to ISO 9001:2008 as well as ANSI/ESD-S20.20. Our inspection process incorporate IDEA Standard 1010A and our inspection staff is has been tested to IDEA-ICE-3000. Our unique business process management software allows us to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Please take some time to explore our web site to learn exactly how we operate and to our business values. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any member of our staff.

Oxygen Electronics: 2007 – Present

As Oxygen, Brokerlynx, & Pricelynx have become serious “players” in the Independent Distribution Channel for Electronics and as Oxygen Electronics LLC has become a true global organization, partners Mark Pasdon and Didier Bachaumard have come to the conclusion that the only way to capitalize on our combined success as partners in the various entities we have created is to begin to “spin-off” these entities as the sum of the parts have become more valuable than the whole. To achieve this Mark Pasdon acquired Didier Bachaumard’s ownership interest in Oxygen Electronics while at the same time Didier Bachaumard acquired Mark Pasdon’s ownership in Brokerlynx and Pricelynx.

Oxygen Electronics has continue to refine it’s internal IT systems to ensure “Best in Class” service and support to it International Client base by empowering each and every team member with instant information and efficiency. Our IT trading platform now includes valuable information regarding product quality and vendor risk assessment to ensure only the best product enters our Supply Chain.

Additional developments have been made to our ability to manage our Sales Process which has paved the way to be able to expand our sales focus and efforts in the years to come. Transaction profitability, sales person effectiveness, and commission plans are all integrated which will enable our to manage and be managed over the years to come.

As the market for electronics components has continued to evolve, the greatest challenge and the greatest risk is that of counterfeit and substandard parts entering the supply chain. Oxygen Electronics has put into motion a comprehensive solution to manage the risk associated with each and every transaction. Coincidentally, the steps put in place by Oxygen Electronics mirror AS5553 draft released in August of 2008 by SAE Aerospace.

Oxygen Electronics: Rebirth 2002 - 2007

After reaching a management impasse in 2002, Mark Pasdon and Didier Bachaumard entered into an agreement to purchase the ownership interests of the other Oxygen Electronics partners. While this purchase agreement left Oxygen Electronics cash constrained, Mark Pasdon and Didier Bachaumard finally had the ability to move forward and execute on building a world class organization focused on meeting and exceeding the needs of our clients, employees, and partners.

Still suffering in the wake of 2001, the fiscally responsible decision was made to shift resources from administration to sales and to pursue a “lean” and sustainable business model. To this end, we solidified our relationship with our UK agent and launched Oxygen Electronics SA, a wholly owned subsidiary, facilitating European sales and marketing on the continent. In an effort to promote efficiency, the Guilford fulfillment platform was closed and transitioned to White Plains, NY as our internal processes were rebuilt from the ground up.

Oxygen has focused on Quality & Efficiency without compromise. We have upgraded not only our quality management systems from ISO 9002 to ISO 9001:2000 but our presence on the World Wide Web and the IT tools which manage and power our company on a day to day basis. Our expertise and market profile were enhanced with the launch of Brokerlynx and Pricelynx as Oxygen Electronics assumed the role of steward within the industry.

Our diligence has paid off as Oxygen Electronics has experienced year over year growth since 2002, slowly and cautiously increasing headcount, surviving what we believe to be the largest shock this industry has faced. As we look forward Oxygen is working hand in hand with its customers, vendors, and partners to continue to meet and exceed their expectations, with a plan in motion to continually improve efficiency and achieve C-TPAT certification.

Oxygen Electronics: The Beginning 1995 - 2001

An element of Oxygen Electronics’ initial vision in 1995 was to successfully marry product and market knowledge with software tools to empower both our staff as well as our clients. In 1995, we had no idea what the internet would yield and what the impact would be.

Oxygen Electronics LLC began this journey in 1995 with five partners of varying backgrounds. Our focus was twofold; learning how to execute a successful transaction in our market while building the necessary IT infrastructure to manage these transactions.

Through successful collaboration, we developed an Access database and user interface to connect our clients with our systems before the era of high speed internet access. As our system continued to develop and expand so did the internet as we launched our first web portal in 1997.

Our market knowledge increased as did our internal capabilities. Between 1997 and 2000, a vast amount of energy was focused on signing and developing international agents to foster our export business. Hjertholm ApS (Scandinavia), Sarsen Technology Ltd (UK), and Eurolink srl (Italy) were signed to provide sales support throughout Europe.

In 2000 Oxygen, facing rapidly growing sales, built out a state of the art administrative and fulfillment office in Guilford,CT while expanding our US Sales and Marketing efforts by opening an office in White Plains, NY. In conjunction with these changes in infrastructure, Oxygen also obtained ISO 9002 quality certification.

Oxygen Electronics waltzed into 2001 unaware of what was around the corner. The events of 2001 stressed our company, management, and partnership in a way that we would have never expected. Beginning with the burst of the internet bubble which initially drove gigantic consumption of electronic components and ending with the absolute halt of international business in the aftermath of Sept 11th, 2001.

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