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Oxygen Electronics is working with the Westchester Chapter of the Red Cross to collect funds for the International Tsunami relief fund.

For any purchase order placed with Oxygen Electronics during the month of January, Oxygen Electronics will make a donation of $20.00 to the International Red Cross Tsunami Relief Fund.

Oxygen will post the blind P.O. numbers on on a weekly basis and donations will be posted to our site at the end of each week.

The survival of the region depends on the quality of the relationships established not only with foreign governments but also with industry and individuals as well.
Like so many around the world, the management and staff of Oxygen Electronics and Brokerlynx have been following the devastation caused by the earthquake and resulting tsunami that has affected 11 countries in Asia, Africa and India and caused the death of tens of thousands. At the time of writing, that number is 116,000 and is expected to keep rising. News sources are suggesting a staggering 100,000 lost in Indonesia alone as rescue workers make their way into the various villages. 

Those of us in the electronics industry are familiar with the vital role of these countries and the contributions and profits they have made possible to our respective businesses. It is time for our industry to take a leadership position and take the steps necessary to express our concern and make an immediate difference in supporting the victims of this tragedy.

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